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     :French Polishing and Leather Renovation
  Nationwide Building Cosmetics (UK) Ltd., employ expert French polishers and leather restorers who can carry out undetectable repairs and renovation work on damaged wood and leather, returning the look and lustre of the original, avoiding costly replacement.

Using the traditional skill of French polishing we can prepare and treat wood in order to give it a smooth finish and enhance its appearance.

We combine traditional polishing methods with the latest technology to provide heat and water resistant finishes for all wood surfaces.

We can work on a variety of old or new, large or small pieces of furniture including dining and boardroom tables, staircases and doors etc., working in-situ or off-site depending on the nature of the project.

Equally, our leather craftsmen can renovate and restore cracked, stained or damaged leather on furniture and car upholstery, for example, returning your piece to its former glory.

French polishing and leather renovation

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