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     :Masonry Cleaning
  Nationwide Building Cosmetics (UK) Ltd., offers a wide range of professional cleaning and cosmetic services including the removal of:

     • paint  |  • graffiti  |  • grime  |  • algae and moss  | 
     • cementitious debris  | • efflorescence (water staining)  |  • iron staining

  Paint or Glue Removal
Using specialised equipment and cleaning techniques our technicians are able to remove paint from brickwork and other surfaces. Precision tinting is then used to hide any residual staining.
Paint removal
  Grime Removal
Using specialist chemicals and washing techniques our technicians can make weathered stone appear like new.
grime removal
  Cementitious Debris Removal
Many new-builds suffer cementitious debris on brickwork, mainly due to mortar splashes and scaffold marking. Our technicians are able to remove such marking and enhance the tone of the brickwork.
cement removal

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