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     :Precast Stone, Cast Stone and Masonry Repairs
  Precast artstone is a popular product in the construction industry today. Artstone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and is susceptible to damage.

Nationwide Buidling Cosmetics (UK) Ltd., has an exclusive repair system that makes chips and cracks unnoticeable. A cheap alternative to replacement.

  Precast Stone Repair
Cracks commonly appear in artstone after construction as shown in the photo opposite. Our technicians have treated the damaged area and applied a new surface, using all our own materials, without leaving a trace on the affected area.
Stone repair
  Masonry Repair
A significant repair was required on the ageing stone pictured. The results speak for themselves.
Masonry Repair
  Other examples of our repair work:
   • A broken stone hearth invisibly repaired                   • A damaged stone lintel resurfaced
  Hearth Repair Lintel repair

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